Monday, October 29, 2018


Do you crave sugar??
It is something most of us struggle with. Even if we are being careful about the desserts we choose to eat on occasion, sugar is where you least expect to find it. Grams add up quickly and the sugar craving site in your brain lights up! Read labels, ketchup, tomato sauce, dressings, places you never expect.
Too much sugar = excess carbs = a fast rise in insulin levels = massive fat storage.
Not to mentions many other health issues caused by sugar.
You need to know what too much sugar is doing to health.
1) A rise in blood sugar makes your body produce more insulin and over time your body becomes resistant to insulin. This puts you at risk for developing type 2 diabetes.
2) Sugar has a negative impact on the growth hormones that keep you healthy and youthful both inside and out.
3) Sugar feeds cancer cells! It allows them to grow and crush out healthy cells.
4) Sugar increases cholesterol and blood pressure, leading to cardiovascular disease.
5) Sugar can alter you DNA structure and interrupt your body's ability to generate energy effciently.
6) Sugar lowers your immune system so you are less able to fight off bacterial infections.
Does this give you enough fuel to dump the sugar habit?
Sweet treats should be just that occasional treats. Not daily, or more than once a day.
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