Wednesday, December 10, 2014


"From crafting heartfelt handmade gifts, accepting party invitations, to making sure you get enough sleep, embrace simplicity this holiday season and create your best winter yet"

This photo is not an original it seems to be appearing in lots of locations on face
book, twitter, etc.
I think that it reflects a desire in more people to find their own authentic seasonal experience.

Here are five tips for helping you create your best holiday season.

-Prioritize what is most important to you and your family.

-Spend a moment to think about and list the emotions you want to cultivate in this season - joy? -peace? -gratitude?

-Be yourself:  the most valuable gift you have to offer is your authentic self.

-Planning, planning, planning helps keep stress down. Get enough sleep by keeping wrapping, baking, gift making to a reasonable limit for your personal schedule, not trying to keep with others expectations.

-Most importantly keep extra free time in your schedule to take care of yourself . Whatever that means to you, sitting quietly with a cup of tea, making time to read a uplifting book, a walk in nature without your cell phone.

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