Tuesday, August 16, 2016


Every week after shopping at the farmers market I try to prepare a few meals that can be served for lunch or dinner. this way if the week becomes hectic I do not resort to less healthy alternatives!

This week was so hot that I could not bring myself to prepare anything hot!
Here is what I have on hand for the week.

-  I always make a large mixed green salad with as many different vegetables as possible.
We use this for sides, a full meal with add ons, and in daily lunch wraps that include hummus, brown rice, and Sriracha!
-  Next I made a very special fruit salad. I was lucky enough to be given a most beautiful mango from my friend who has a house in Florida near a mango grower! It was perfect!! I also included a watermelon from the farmers market, blackberries from the farmers market, and fresh pineapple.
This will make for several desserts, or lunch with plain yogurt, and a shake of cinnamon.
-  Lastly I made bean salad. I put different beans in every time I make it and it is always delicious.
It pairs well with the salad as a more hearty meal, as a side or alone. (we even put it in the sometimes!)
So how do you prepare for the week with healthy meals?
Send me some of your ideas!
Need help? Let me know I would love to work with you to make a plan.