Tuesday, July 31, 2012

"Try Something New" PADDLE BOARDING!

In my recent newsletter,(click here to read), I talked about how summer is a great time to try something new. We tend to do the same activities over and over again. Challenging ourselves to try a new sport or activity keeps us fresh.

The  activity I chose to try was stand up paddle boarding, also called SUP. I just love getting out on the water and exploring. In the past I have kayaked on the river by our house, but this is different! SUP is easily learned with a few lessons on paddle strokes and balance. (these tips can even be found on line)
SUP is such a great workout. Arms are worked as you paddle, switching sides to keep the board on a straight path.  Core strengthening is another plus of this sport, much better than repeated crunches!
Legs become stronger as well. Maintaining balance is another aspect that makes this sport a whole body work out. Just like kayaking or biking, the choice is yours for a challenging fast paced trip, or a slower contemplative journey.

Beyond the work out, being able to stand above the water allows you to see so much more than you would see sitting in a kayak or other boat.  On my paddle this morning I quietly passed by Heron and Egrets fishing, and an Osprey flew over head with a fish in it's talons for breakfast. I saw blue shell crabs and horseshoe crabs swimming by my board and an occasional school of fish! ACormorant even swam by underwater searching for fish!

I suggest you get out and try this fun new sport, or something that is new to you.  "Play often and actively"  it is the best way to exercise!