Thursday, May 29, 2014

How to Store Those Beautiful Farmers Market Greens

Spring is finally here in the Northeast! Time to change how we eat to encompass all the delicious
spring offerings.
Spring is a time to east lighter, more fiber and add as many greens as we can to absorb their "goodness"!
I love to shop at a local Farmers Market in Bristol RI. I find all sorts of delicious treats, from the fresh pasture raised eggs at Windswept Farm to amazing greens from  Silverbrook Farm.

Saturday I came home with three bags of greens along with the other goodies.
Fresh spinach, Mesculn mix, and stir fry greens. These greens will make up many of the weekly meals at our home this week. But how to store them so they do not wilt, or get slimy within a couple of days?
This is what I do. It is simple and I can keep my greens for a full week.
I start when I get home by washing and spinning each set of greens.
I then use a cotton dish towel and spritz them so that it is lightly damp but not soaked.
I wrap each type of greens in a towel and mark them if I need to to identify them later in the week.
These greens will be 1) lunch salads 2) several stir fries with other veggies, beans and pasta or rice, 3) added to my morning smoothies, 4) and added to delicious frittatas with the farm eggs!
Have you made it to a farmers market yet this year? What do you do with your greens?
Need help planning recipes around your market finds?
I can help!!
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