Wednesday, October 22, 2014


Do you find yourself heading into fall with a few more pounds than you want? I have, so I am going to incorporate these tips into my fall routine to get back to my "fighting weight"!

1) Exercise early: I have already started this by getting out early before breakfast to exercise. A 30 -60 minute bike ride,walk, or run. Some studies show that low-intensity exercise before breakfast helps to body burn more fat than usual! When returning however, I caution you to eat a whole foods healthy breakfast. The wrong breakfast can easily pack on a 1000 calories so stay away from the designer coffees and large bagels or pastries.

2) Make your dinner your smallest meal. If you have fueled yourself properly during the day this should not be too difficult. Make your lunch your biggest meal and choose smaller for dinner. Soup, or salad or use a smaller plate to plate up your meal.

3) Chew, Chew,Chew:  Studies show that chewing your food slowly and many as 100 times per bite, helps reduce calorie intake. This allows you to be mindful of how much you have eaten and key you into to when you are satisfied (not stuffed).

4) Drink water: 1-2 glasses in the morning, 1 glass before each meal, and 1 glass before bedtime.
Substitute water for more caloric beverages, add a slice of lemon, lime or other fruit.

5) Switch out one of your workouts per week for a high intensity workout. If you walk, add 5-6 sprints into your walk.  If you bike, sprint every couple of minutes. Swimming, do the same thing. A good formula is a 3 minute warmup, 30 second sprint, 90 seconds at a slow pace, repeat. Optimum is 8 sprints, but start out with less. This really revs up your metabolism to burn more calories throughout the whole day. (remember only 1/week!)

This is where I will be focusing to get rid of those extra pounds. How about you? Do you have any tips you would like to share?
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