Thursday, March 13, 2014


So often our routines are influenced by our environment.  Look around your living space. Is it an environment that fosters a positive healthy lifestyle?

How to help your home, help you loose weight.

1) Declutter: when a space is cluttered, and disorganized it is not conducive to good decisions. Start with you cooking and eating spaces. Keep the primary functions in mind and remove all the clutter that does not belong, papers, bills clothing.

2) Organize: Your pantry and refrigerator  need to organized so as to see and use your healthy foods. Be ruthless about throwing out junk foods, foods with too many chemicals, or unpronounceable ingredients.

3) Set the table: Place mats, candles, and  flowers. Always sit down at the table to eat your foods, preferable with the whole family. Even eating alone, sit, light a candle and take your time to enjoy your food.

4) Turn off your TV, computer and phone while eating! Try turning on relaxing music instead to help you eat slowly and mindfully.

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