Monday, February 17, 2014


Being healthy is a lifestyle, it is on going, not something you do to reach a goal and then go back to your old ways.
How many of these habits can you adopt to feel better.

1) Grow your own foods: Any foods you can grow yourself are better for your health and the environment. Whether you sprout seeds or grow herbs on a window sill or a full blown garden it will put you way ahead on the health spectrum.

2) Meal planning: Make a weekly meal plan, and eat most of your meals at home. This is one of the most important steps to eating healthy and also saving money. Thinking out your entire day in advance will save you time, and calories.

3) Smart shopping: Always read labels, know what you putting in your mouth. If you cannot pronounce it do not eat it!!

4) Hydration: Getting enough fluids benefits your skin, circulation, blood pressure, and energy levels. Water is always your best choice. Flavor it with a lemon, or lime slice or your favorite herb (mint or lemon balm)

5) Enjoy what you are eating: Eat mindfully, slowly, chew throughly. Always sit down to eat. Savor the flavors and textures. Eat moderately, stop when you are satisfied but not full.

6) Exercise: Get yourself to move a little more each day. 10-15 minute walk, make it a little longer each day. Breathe deeply.

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