Wednesday, August 14, 2013



 This is a recipe that my husband and I have been making all summer! It is very versatile.
We have used it as a dip with corn chips, on wraps, and on grilled wild salmon!
One of the key ingredients is the red onion which was featured in my previous blog.


1 medium red onion diced very small
1 sweet red pepper diced very small
1 green pepper diced very small
2 cups of fresh pineapple, or mango, or to keep it local, peaches or nectarines, very finely chopped
1 cup of finely chopped cilantro
hot jalapenos diced, I used 4-6 slices from a jar diced small. Add more to taste.
juice of one lime.
*optional, we sometimes like to add a can of no salt black beans and/or some corn off the cob if you have leftovers.

mix all ingredients in a bowl and allow to sit for several hours or overnight before serving to blend the flavors. Taste and adjust heat as desired.

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